Photograph by Kurt Nelson - Innovative Images.

About Becoming a Painter

Life:  My life has always been about transition and change.   Growing up in a military family will do that to you.  Taking on new challenges has always been a part of my life. Sometimes I even find something I can be passionate about.  

Art:  My life has been surrounded by art.  A few times I have even taken the time to explore, create and share art I have made.  Painters and paintings have  always fascinated me.  So many styles, so many types of paint, I have always wondered what I could bring to life on a canvas.

Journey :  Raised by a Mother who was artistic was interesting. She always encouraged me to try different forms of art.  I painted, did ceramics, built models, worked with wood, and even sculpted with metal later in my life. But ultimately I was an athlete in a world of boys and men that viewed art as something else.   My artistic side was my biggest secret.  Luckily, my daughter went to college for art.  She shared her passion with me and exposed me to her contemporary art world. She has inspired me to explore and share my vision with this website.  I own my art success to her!

When I decided I wanted to paint, I had to start somewhere.  So off to the store for canvas, brushes and some acrylic paint.  I painted at the Kitchen counter and table before I realized I needed an easel and a better place to work.  I painted almost daily  for over a year.  I tried  painting a little bit of everything using only acrylic paints.  (Be sure to look at the Tab, About Resin Painting for additional pictures!) 

Artist:  It's been a few years since I started this website!  I have now sold over 150 paintings in both acrylic and resin.  Most of my success is because of belief!  Not just mine but from the people who bought and the people who allowed me to show in their galleries or enter their Art Shows. I feel extremely lucky to be able to create and then share my art with the world! Art is a journey that I take almost everyday!  And now many people have come to my studio to learn and create their own masterpieces.  If you would like to find the ART in you, contact me.  I paint daily!