Making a painting with clear resin is quite a learning experience.   Sometimes I start a painting thinking one thing only to find out 24 hours later I have ended up with something else.  Different types of paint react differently to the resin mixture.  Resin is a two part compound that hardens to a clear glossy finish.  You can add paints to the resin, or paint something and then pour resin over it to create the finish.  All of my paintings are done on Wood or MDF boards, which I make and frame before I even start painting.  Painting like this is very messy  and wet and you have to work under some time constraints.  Resin starts to harden in about 30-45 minutes.  I have learned to work with all types of paints but I think my favorite is oil paint.  The vibrant colors and texture add a unique style to every painting.  I can use lots of different painting techniques when doing a painting.  From using a brush, a palette knife or simply pouring  a mixture of resin and paint onto a board to see where it leads me.  It becomes a journey with color and texture as your inner spirit takes over...sometimes I even get lost in the process.  I like that!  In the end, when a painting is done I like to share it.  Sometimes the reaction is not what I expect, which is exactly the point.  Art is something to be reacted to and interacted open yourself up to the experience and find the art in you!


I hope you enjoyed the art in the Tab marked WORK.  It can be difficult to see the true colors and textures in a painting by looking only at a photograph.  Art needs to be experienced in person, so check look in Current Gallery Showings to see where I am currently showing my art.!  Or, if you are a little bit adventurous, let's paint something together in my studio!   You might be shocked at the art in you!

For more information on how to paint with resin, please check out my How-to Video, Bradley's Tips and Tricks below and on YouTube: 


Evolution of my painting space!